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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 17, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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as far as police are saying, watching bob ross. lauren: it's been a while since i heard him speak. relaxed to hear voice. cheryl: are his show still on the running? netflix, thank you. all right, there you go. lauren: tracee carrasco, thank you very much. cheryl: and mornings with maria starts right now. maria: ladies, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday april 17th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, morning for earnings this morning, we are waiting on the numbers. morgan stanley this morning, netflix a new china data overnight, netflix subscribers up is.
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settlement, what it means for the future of iphones and 2020 race, president trump predicting the democratic primary race. twitter changes jack dorsey suggesting big twist. find out what it is and users are revolting, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, futures pretty strong, s&p up 5 and 3 quarters, nasdaq up 20 points. we did have news out of china overnight, better than expected
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growth in first-quarter economy numbers and sales better than expected. chinese market overnight, shanghai composite a quarter of a percent. nikkei averaging up quarter percent. we are, of course, watching earnings, that's been setting tone notably, we are waiting on the numbers from pepsico, we want to look at earnings in terms of growth numbers because so far things have been better than lowered expectations, netflix also reporting first quarter results beating on earnings per share, streaming giant gaining subscribers abroad but reporting lower domestic growth. cfra media analyst, pleasure to see you, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your reaction to nit félix -- netflix quarter?
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>> the bottom line number, revenue growth came in very nicely, the main question was the writing which was lower than expectation. but overall, i think, growth is slowed in the u.s. questionably, another record given by international markets. maria: how do you see the streaming wars playing out here with disney plus ready to go head to head against netflix, hulu and then, of course, amazon, apple and others? >> right, i mean it's really -- nothing short of ground breaking, you have other companies, apple, comcast. i think when we all this is said and done, the most remarkable
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year in terms of the evolution of streaming. netflix is in for quite sometime. program investment. at tend of the day i think there's going to be enough to spread around, longer-term, potential shape-out, netflix among potential winners. maria: released public service announcement on twitter. chick flicks, what was that about, they don't like the term chick flicks? >> frankly i thought it was hilarious. my sense they will try to convey image that's consistent and also getting away from the second content.
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maria: so would you buy netflix today, stock is under pressure? >> maria, still recommending stock, the way we think about netflix, 3 to 5 years out. we said they'll be valuation, in order, companies profitable, free cash floss occurring in next 3 to 4 years, investments looking at price metrics and a whole bunch of other things that we think will live much more comfortable. maria: we will leave it there. netflix shares up this morning, apple and qualcomm issued settlement on patent. good morning, dagen. dagen: this is a very big deal and maybe apple stock didn't react to it initially but it really opens the door in terms of 5g technology for apple, so apple-qualcomm agreed to dismiss patent litigation between companies around the globe and
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ink a new licensing agreement, long-legal ball about how chips are connected, came during opening arguments between the two companies, undisclosed payment from apple to call -- qualcomm agreement and supply with modem chips. qualcomm claiming that apple was violating and apple claiming that qualcomm was overcharging. here is what it means, qualcomm lost $25 billion in market ball with the pending legal threat. for apple here is what it does, it will let apple deploy 5g chips, has been working with
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intel which was behind. intel, in fact, said that it would stop developing those chips. this will let apple keep up with samsung. it will hope the door -- give it a step up to compete directly with android competitors with the 5g modem technology, the modem chips, really incredible settlement. let's take a look at stocks performed yesterday, apple stocks really not much move yesterday. up 1 tenth of a percent. yesterday, this is premarket. do we have what the stocks did yesterday because qualcomm stock up. probably a win for both companies. the kentucky fried chicken analogy that both lawyers were using in opening arguments, there's joking after settlement was announced, after trial is
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over. maria: dagen, thanks, we will see you if a bit on that search for answers after the iconic notre dame cathedral goes up in flames. amy. >> hi, maria, well, one of the leading series -- theories that the fire was caused by electrical short that's generated by service elevator that was used to reach and some sources quoted in newspaper were saying that the fire actually took hold in that fire, spread from there. but the problem is these are theories, investigators haven't been able to get inside the cathedral because it's not safe, the next 24 to 48 hours will be critical in determining how good the structural integrity of the building so because there's so much water and fire damage, they are concerned that the walls may
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not be stable. it stands but investigators, police, firefighters are just not sure how safe it is to be in there. we have seen people up in bell towers this morning. we are learning more about policemen, firemen on the bell towers. we've learned about the sequence of events, first alarm went off at 6:20 friday evening but somehow concluded that there was no fire in the cathedral and then another alarm that sounded at 6:43, at that point the fire was fully engage. the french were excited about that this morning when pictures emerged. a couple of relics embedded within the roster, it's not clear whether or not those survived. beautiful marble statute of 1725 of virgin mary holding jesus also survived.
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people praying for the survival and the regeneration of this cathedral, very important and national symbol during this holy, week. maria: wow, really interesting to see relics that survived. meanwhile back here, reported earnings for first quarter, ashley remember ster has the details, better than expected number, ashley. ashley: we are going through them now, good morning to you, pepsico earnings per basis, on revenue coming in at 12.88 billion, a beat. the estimate was 12.69 billion. that number coming 3.82 billion. very healthy, indeed.
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lacking medical revenue over a billion. overall, strong numbers. a company that is trying to adapt to consumers, noncarbonated drinks. that's very important area fnght but overall, maria, pretty strong numbers. maria: all right, we will see any movement from the stock, pepsico has had a pretty good year, we will get back to you, coming up competing with huawei, ready to expand reach, what that means for 5g technology at home, we will check out huawei's plans, by the way, lots of orders in europe. plus twitter's big shift, jack dorsey suggesting big change. users react, back in a moment.
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maria: big show this morning. my interview with ford cmo, showing us the brand-new 2020, coo david yale is with us this morning along, he's the man behind pete, fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano, mikhail varshavski, aka dr. mike is here.
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we want to talk about competition from huawei. planning to expand in the united states while cutting deals to major players in both markets, banning huawei sales. this is what mike pompeo told me about huawei in the united states. europe is pushing back that this administration wants to slow down the use of huawei, is that what you found in europe? >> we have been out around the world just making sure everybody had same information that countries understand putting huawei technology into it systems, express work along the chinese pla, military in china -- maria: joining the conversation founder and ceo, few leader senior fellow radio fox news contributor richard fowler.
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thanks for joining the conversation this morning, we we wanted to look at huawei because this is a serious issue with the u.s. trying to ban telecom but so much cheaper than competitors, african nations having taken on huawei and basically their infrastructure right now. >> this equipment in the u.s. is nonstarter, we cannot have this equipment in this country and i think the nice part about the nokia entry is easy for people to compete and supply products which products of espionage -- we have seen other companies like blackberry my great in auto technology and for once other people will have a chance to compete in the u.s. dagen: nokia trying to help fight the u.s. against huawei but targeting china as huge growth, 17,000 employees in greater china region including
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hong kong and taiwan. it is a tricky tight-rope act, if you will, for nokia. >> they're sell to go china, if the chinese buy it it's fine. dagen: if china thinks that nokia is in bed with the united states, that's a huge hurdle and throws up a wall, if if you will. maria: american companies were so interested in getting foothold in china. along the way we forgot to protect our own technology and now you have a situation where you're recognized when you're a chinese company, any information data is going right back to the chinese government. >> i think that's an interesting thing you say, maria, especially if you look at the china trade talk, sticking point isn't intellectual property, now that you have huawei trying to get in
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markets, europe, africa and the whole idea, spy on the folks, we can take property and now can nokia in the game, there's competitor and now think about price, how can you compete with huawei on price. we are not into huawei and price no longer issue. maria: pompeo was very clear, those countries that continue to use the infrastructure of huawei which is going back to chinese government will receive less information from the united states government. >> when i talked to people that travel to china, it's incredible, they don't bring their cell phones. maria: i don't. >> they don't access any services, they turn off the equipment when they get on the plane in china and they do in the turn it back until they get to the united states. dagen: that's why i found over the years what -- what even u.s. corporate executives have been doing with china, it is clear for them for years, the chinese
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are spying on them even as individuals, china tracks any business wanting to operate in china, they track literally every word uttered by the individuals, they know it but they are still eager to do business there. i know it's a large market, but, again, the trade off is quite dangerous in some aspects in terms of ip theft. maria: american companies, so china has huge opportunity, 1.3 billion people to sell products to meanwhile we are focus on getting foothold in china that we forgot to protect intellectual property. and it's gotten a lot worse and the way the administration is handling, we will watch closely. many americans dealing with severe storms and tornadoes in parts of the united states this morning, we will take you there. then 20 vision as democratic field expands, president trump is handing out new nicknames to
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potential front runners. coming back.
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maria: welcome back, weather warnings, cheryl. cheryl: 118 million people at risk today, the national weather service forecasting damaging winds and hail threatening parts of texas and kansas which have had rough weather. in the midwest thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. by the end of the week, storms can reach the north and the southeast as well. well, satellite images are
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showing movement at north korea's nuclear site, center for strategic studies, nuclear site, 5 specialized railcars near enretchment facility, could indicate radioactive materials which could be turned into bomb fuel. north korea's leader to meet with vladimir putin. pushing back against reports 26 billion-dollar merger is in jeopardy, our very own charlie gasparino exclusively reported but the company has not received notice from the justice department as deal would be rejected without any major changes, they are working with government officials to complete the transaction, antitrust officials of t-mobile and sprint
6:26 am
will be turned down. shares of both companies as you can see lower the premarkets, sprint down more than 5%, t-mobile down more than 4%, maria. not so fast on the report that is the deal is in jeopardy. maria: thanks, cheryl. >> i think charlie is right, not so fast, it was very clear what the report said which was it wouldn't be approved as it is structured now, that means that there might be various consent decrees and merger conditions but the market's reaction and hysteria on twit they're the deal is over nothing came out that suggested that and both ceo's said it's an overstatement. >> the fact that he's meeting with putin and revamp some nuclear programs would speak of the fact that the president put kim jong un in world statement and new light. maria: put kim jong un kim in
6:27 am
new stage and new light, what do you mean? >> he met with the president of the united states gave him legitimacy in the world. i can meet with world leaders. maria: you don't think the president should have met with him? >> until there was actual deal on the table to denuclearize and now that he has met with the president, speaking to world leaders. maria: i get your point, but there hasn't been any any missile test, they will push back, there seems to be a conversation happening. you weren't expecting kim jong un to denuclearize. >> i think the idea -- the only thing that keeps him legitimate are nuclear weapons, the idea that the united states president met with him speaks that he's a legitimate world leader. maria: i don't know. i don't know. okay. he's running north korea.
6:28 am
>> he met with the leader of the free world. maria: it's a nuclear country. >> we have to deal with them, not seriously. maria: we will take a break, comparison, michelle obama speaks out, likening president trump as divorced dad. avengers film, clips leaked online makes it beautiful.
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beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you very much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, april 17, top stories 6:31 on the east coast, investors are watching strong
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news, earnings here at home setting tone to markets, take a look at pepsico with double-beat better than expected on earnings and renew, snacks and beverages, stock is up 2 and two-thirds percent, we are waiting for numbers of morgan stanley, better than expected numbers, some of the banking sector, shares are up more than 1% this morning, check futures this morning, dow futures up 28 points, the nasdaq futures up 21 and a half, firmer tone to start this morning, yesterday's markets slightly higher, dow industrials off 67 points, s&p 500 up 1 and a half. cac quarante in paris up 13 and dax in germany up 25, take a look at asia overnight, positive news out of china, gdp and sales numbers that we were waiting on
6:33 am
were above expectations, a lot of traders looking to buy. japan higher by quarter percent. big moves overnight. michelle obama being called insensitive this morning, the former first lady compared president trump to a divorced dad in america to a broken family. the controversy about her comments coming up. twitter changes, jack dorsey, big shift is in store for twitter, find out what it is, why users are revolting on that. spiller alert, marvel fans after seeing upcoming avengers movies release online. all the stories coming up. first top story this half an hour, 2020 race is on, president trump taking to twitter with his predictions of who will likely face him tweeting this, i believe it would be crazy bernie sanders versus sleepy joe biden as two finalists to run against greatest economy and many other
6:34 am
great things. god rest their soul. new national poll shows bernie sanders is the front runner in the democratic primary race followed by joe biden and mayor pete, joining us gop strategist john thomas to weigh in all of this, john, the democratic field keeps getting bigger, do you agree that those are the front runners as president trump said biden and -- and obviously you have joe biden and bernie sanders. >> yeah, actually i think president trump take and this is what president does, he defines and brands opponent before they can define in election cycle. going right now looking at bernie sanders because he has impressive fundraising haul with over $18 million in first quarter, that makes him a viable
6:35 am
contender and i don't see his money shutting off, so what trump just did with nicknames was undercore the candidates two fundamental flaws, one is that bernie sanders is a crazy socialist who is bad for americans and the other, although it sounds cute it's important to note that what he's doing is branding biden as out of touch with modern america and modern economy. maria: richard fowler is here, what do you think about all of this? let's talk policy because i feel i'm waiting to see the policies coming out of, for example, joe biden, what he thinks is going to run on, bernie sanders has medicare for all, but many people uphold that policy given the fact that wipes out the private insurance policy. >> i think that's good idea on bernie sanders, joe biden is not in race, hard to evaluate until he actually announces and i think it will come back to, maria, come down to health care,
6:36 am
i think a lot of americans are really trying to figure out what they're going to do on health care with the president's announcement and previous conditions on being on the table for many americans especially in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin where it will come down to, that what it's going to be about and the white house not proposing health care plan, we will see what happens. >> i think we know bernie's policies, bernie is a socialist, i watched interview on fox news, town hall, he won't apologize for making $560,000 on the book and a million dollars in prior years, my view on it if he's a socialist, why doesn't he have the money go to entity, dispersed among a thousand people, so i think he does need to actually defend capitalist practice but speaks about socialism.
6:37 am
maria: capitalist in practice and socialist in terms of view, how can you do that, dagen? dagen: well, i don't -- i think that their argument for socialism falls apart if you create a system that basically limits entrepreneur in the country, where will you get the tax money from. that's my one big issue, i did want to say that bret baier pushed bernie sanders which was the highest-rated town hall on any news network so far, so we are going to get -- [applause] dagen: i'm hoping, howard kurtz is reporting that mayor pete buttigieg is coming to do a town hall and others running for nomination. maria: on edge for the whole time. dagen: i said on varney that bernie sanders was clearly hammering trump immediately and i said be careful, do you really
6:38 am
see yourself as the victor in the democratic primary and then winning the democratic nomination. he immediately started hammering president trump. >> so word about the socialism thing, i'm so worried about turning away on capitalism, ultimately whatever the least socialist, democratic candidate is the one that i want to run because capitalism is such a fundamental part of the country, such a fundamental part of democracy, they go demand hand, the fact that you have candidates coming out saying that we should be early russia -- maria: it's mudding the waters. >> i think the idea -- and you have bernie who is talking about being socialist, if you look at the rest of the field, there's a conversation about how we ensure that people have access to health care, how we make sure that everybody with high-quality education, both are socialists. maria: all endorse the medicare for all. >> right, medicare for all in different forms, so basically at
6:39 am
its root making sure that every american has access to some form of health care no matter what the cost looks like. maria: the way that they are prosing doing it is big program which is socialist program. >> let's be clear, the republicans have no solution for health care, no democratic proposal, and number 1, number 2, to have a conversation about bernie's earnings without talking about we haven't seen the president's earnings is problematic. maria: go ahead. i want to get your take on all of this but i just want to say let's not underestimate all the money that bernie has raised. the fundraising has been incredible. he's in the lead in terms of money raised. $18 million so far, the new york times reporting some democratic party are agonizing over
6:40 am
momentum and his ability to raise money. having said that, the trump administration reported what they earned in the first quarter and it's $30 million, so there's a lot of money on the republican side. >> yeah, and trump raised more than 30 million in his campaign, trump is playing it in terms of war chest but the money that bernie has makes him a viable candidate especially in the early states, he can afford the organizers, the most tv ads, maria, if he wins iowa which right now he's polling within the margin of error in top 2, he will go like a rocket ship to new hampshire because they love him and might be unstoppable, i want to go back to the point, you're talking about the elephant in the room, trump tax returns, here is why bernie sanders being a billionaire is such a problem bernie sanders because undermines the
6:41 am
fundamental brand promise and that is that he hates millionaires and billionaires, millionaires and billionaires are evil capitalists and they don't belong in society, bernie has multiple homes and turns out that he's a rich fat capitalist. maria: who is not paying their fair share? who is not paying their fair share? that's the talking point that bothers me, the top 10% pay 71% -- >> i'm talking about folks who don't pay their fair share. maria: like who? >> they are not paying enough taxes. maria: okay, all right. real estate investors. >> hedge fund managers, 35% of money in taxes. maria: now you're putting apples together with oranges. >> we are talking about money going into -- maria: warren buffet is talking about capital gains.
6:42 am
>> all the income coming in. maria: one is capital gains and one is income. >> essential part of this country and entrepreneurship. maria: don't mix it up. >> you could argue maybe it should 18 months or 2 years, if you don't have capital gains, we should level the playing field. maria: you're confusing it. warren buffet when he talks that he has to pay less taxes than secretary, it's two different things. >> i agree. maria: warren buffet doesn't have income, he's getting tax from stock which is capital gains. you said the same point. >> what i'm saying that warren buffet's capital rate will be taxed as secretary's income.
6:43 am
dagen: so try to win the presidency on that one because elizabeth warren is doing same thing with wealth. [inaudible conversations] >> get rid of corporate tax. maria: the reason they have capital gain's taxes lower than income taxes is the way to encourage people to invest for the long-term, whether they reinvesting a home, invest in the stock market, buying stocks, he just said you want tax rates to be with capital tax rates. forces me to stop and explain it. >> what we have is this, you have corporations who have millions of dollars -- billions of dollars not going back into market, sitting on their books, they are not investing, it's just sitting there. if that money was given to middle-class families and working-class families, go right
6:44 am
back in the economy right away. maria: that was the point of the tax plan. dagen: democrats did not step up and vote for it. >> republicans want to pay for. maria: thank you, we will be right back
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maria: markets are higher this morning on better than expected economic growth, we had gdp, building, the first quarter gdp numbers out of china, beating expectations, retail sales also higher than expected, joining us right now female capital market brian, always great to see you. thanks for being here, what's your take on chinese numbers and impact? >> the numbers like you said, shocker, the old adage is you take the number and divide it by 2. maria: you don't believe the numbers? >> no, they will make the numbers that they want to make. this is great news, it's reflected in the china market, china stock market with new high. maria: retail sales up 8.7% year
6:49 am
over year, estimate 8.4%. >> yeah, the biggest thing about china that i think so many people are missing is the transition from industrial economy, this is a culture that doesn't spend money. that's important point in terms of near-term basis but as they continue their growth trajectory long-term they have to learn how to consume, if you travel china, if you talked to chinese investors they are very aggressive and so they will continue to work likely to get the market higher but longer-term trajectory i question it. dagen: one concern was in information yesterday, federal reserve data released that u.s. manufacturing is experiencing a slowdown. we got it for -- it was flat in march after falling the first 2 months of the year and manufacturing output for the
6:50 am
quarter was declined at rate, annualized rate, so we got a lose of 6,000 jobs, that's not good for -- doesn't say that we are going into recession, exclamation on what does appear to be slowdown in u.s. as well. >> a partial negative, companies were very reactive and let's face it, multiple countries with terrible weather, that had something to do with it. we believe after the first quarter earnings period which is better than most people think, companies are reacted on near-term basis. i think that number in the second quarter will be better. limited data. things are little bit better than what most people think. maria: does it help the u.s.? >> yes, it does. i think because if you take a look at equities on nasdaq, maria, equities in the u.s. have
6:51 am
been stable, look at europe. maria: still buying stocks? >> we are still buying stocks, we think the market is still in place. earnings will not reach that in terms of earnings, time to continue to buy u.s. stocks. maria: we will leave it there, brian, thanks so much. ceo jack dorsey suggesting big change in platform. what's a company worth? how do you determine the durable value of a business in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth, we can make better informed investment decisions.
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that's why i go beyond the numbers. ♪
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maria: big changes coming to twitter, users not happy. cheryl: shockingly, right, maria, ceo jack dorsey
6:55 am
suggesting yesterday it would be better if users followed topics and not individuals, this of course, facing criticism for not protecting antiusers from abuse and threats, some of the users are angry over dorsey's proposal, one of them tweeted, quote, jack dorsey most impressive ceo only on the fact that he has no idea what his users want. twitter shares under pressure ahead of opening bell. they just went up fractionally above right there. selling martha stewart brand for 250 million, they paid 350 million, the buyer this time is mark and spoiler on social media making avengers filmmaker
6:56 am
nervous, somebody leaking it online, prompted directors anthony and joe posting pleading to avoid ruining the ending for everybody, opening next week. box office record making run for one of the highest broken films ever. maria: cheryl, thank you. standing by for morgan stanley earnings, first rise of the mini robots, yes, it has a dog pound, next hour mornings with maria, stay with us we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, april 17th. your top stories. we're watching strong news out of china overnight. that set a positive tone to markets and of course earnings, that is really the focus for wall street this morning.
7:00 am
largely better than expected. we heard from pepsico this morning, better than expected on earnings and revenue, up 2% on the stock right now. morgan stanley we're waiting on any minute now. we'll have full analysis. p pepsico with a double beat, largely attributed to salty snacks and low sugar sodas. dow futures are up 24, s&p up 4 points and nasdaq up 20 points. yesterday markets were higher, they did close off of the session highs. the dow industrials picking up 67 points at the close yesterday, a quarter of a percent. s&p 500 was up 1 and-a-half and nasdaq was up 24 points at 4:00 on wall street. european indices this morning are mixed. mostly higher. the fq100 in london is down 6 points, cac in paris is up 13 and the dax index in germany is high higher by 31. first quarter gdp in china was up 6.4%, retail sales also better than expected, 8.7 --
7:01 am
6.7% higher on retail sales. hanshanghai composite was up a quarter of a percent overnight, the best performer. the chinese da data, retail sals up. a new cover story reveals what it calls hell at facebook. we'll tell you about the tensions happening between mark zuckerberg and executives apparently. lawmakers in one state taking a swing at golf courses, proposing a tee-up tax. rise of the spot mini robots, boston dynamics out with more robots, showing off the strength of its dog pound. check that out. yeah, robot dogs. now they have a pound. morgan stanley numbers are looking better than expected. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, john steinberg, fox news contributor richard fowler joins us as well.
7:02 am
so the numbers are coming out, the estimate was $1.17 a share on $9.93 billion. we're getting the morgan stanley numbers right now which are actually better than expected on revenue and earnings at $1.39 a share on morgan stanley versus the estimate of $1.17. revenue also above expectations, and the stock is trading higher. let's get to ashley webster, he's got all the details. ashley: the headline numbers, $1.39 on . . . eps. a nice beat on the earnings. on the revenue, also a nice beat, $10.9 billion as opposed to $9.93 billion. those are good headline numbers. as always, the devil is in the details. it's the trading revenues that really hurt morgan stanley in the fourth quarter, that drove that earnings miss. i'm trying to get those now. coming in at $3.4 million, that is down from $3.7 million last year in the same time period.
7:03 am
so trading revenues down slightly, total revenue total was expected to be 3.93, coming in at just a little bit under that. so again, the trading revenue down a little bit. but overall, the headline numbers good. the premarket, morgan stanley up 2 and a third percent, more than a dollar at 48, 10. ebbing with at this revenues at $2.01 million. that is pretty strong. return on average equity coming in at 13%, that is above average as well. so overall, quickly going through these headline numbers, and again, the trading numbers seem to be okay, perhaps as i say, they really hurt this bank in the fourth quarter, coming back a little bit in the first quarter. so there you have it. that is why we're seeing this stock move up quite healthy in the premarket, two and a third percent. maria: it's really moving. the stock is improving. we're going to dig through the
7:04 am
numbers right now. joining us with reaction is alex partners ceo, simon freakily. thank you for joining us. how does the financial services field feel to you right now trading was an issue for some of the banks. we're not seeing that this morning in terms of the beat on morgan stanley. >> it still feels strong, maria as we see this happening through the first half of the year. there's an anxiety that maybe that will change. so far, so good. >> it seems like the move into the wealth management, the focus on that in this quarter, after the volatility in the trading revenues, was the right move. seems that's what we're seeing. ashley went through the trading revenue, it was not great. but the wealth revenues buffeted it. >> absolutely. maria: it started two years ago or more than that when wall street decided to bone up on wealth management and lower exposure and energy toward trading operations. >> they have a company, basically. maria: ubs was the first to do
7:05 am
it. morgan stanley bet big on wealth management and it helped turn the company around. >> it seems like they didn't want to have really volatile stocks anymore and they wanted a company which had forecastable earnings and wealth management gives that to them. it's predictability. >> they're dealing with disruption in their industry. they're looking at what the industry looks like, how to best position themselves, how they pivot, and i think they've done that very well. maria: how important is china in all of this, china and the u.s. in talks in terms of the trade agreement that we're expecting at some point, overnight we saw good numbers out of the chinese economy, gdp coming in at 6.4%, retail sales coming in better than expected as well. does that provide an opportunity for financial services? because that's where china is agreeing, to open its market for financial services. i know jp morgan recently got the okay to own a bank in china. ubs can own 51%. so that's where china is opening its market so far.
7:06 am
>> clearly, china remains a huge opportunity for many industries, not just financial services. not having a resolution to the tariff wars that's going on creates uncertainty and companies either in the financial sector or any industry are dealing with this bermuda triangle of issues which is disruption in the industry, changing customer preferences, an anxiety about when the economic cycle will change and any uncertainty that's a backdrop for that, whether a trade war with china or brexit in the u.k. or trade war with europe creates uncertainty and distracts people from dealing with key issues. maria: one more to that is the global slowdown. >> right. maria: where you are seeing europe fail to show any real growth, partly because of britain, britain's exit from the e.u., still struggling to find a clear path forward, creating uncertainty. what's your take on how britain plays out. >> that's a question i want to ask simon. we've seen some banks say, the head winds, point to the fact that the u.k. may remain in the
7:07 am
e.u. or create a deal where they're part of the customs union, not part of the e.u. what's your take? >> i think a large amount of continental europe and probably half of the u.k. wishes that the u.k. would stay in the european union. the trouble is, we had a referendum three years ago, a public vote where people on balance decided to leave. what nobody realized was how difficult it would be to pull that off. and also, the question which the voting public was asked three years ago is very unclear. nobody really understood what leaving the e.u. meant. the e.u. has movement of capital, movement of goods, movement of services and labor. what the refe refer are referens focus on the movement of labor. i think the referendum we saw three years ago was really a vote on immigration, wasn't really a vote on membership of the e.u. now what is transpiring is the situation is more complicated than that i hope there will be a second referendum. dagen: as we move toward the
7:08 am
presidential election season, as the rhetoric gets hotter and hotter, particularly among individuals running for the democratic nomination, how could that possibly impact business decision making? because it's not a -- hillary clinton would have been arguably a third president obama term in terms of policy. but you have people who are leading the democratic pack right now, who have some very, very socialist ideas. >> right. so i think it's all about certainity. the more certainity or the more visibility business leaders have to plan their own future, do their own strategy, the better. i think anything that creates uncertainty is going to make things very difficult. now, socialism of course is a well-established concept in the e.u. socialism can sit rather well with capitalism, not something that's quite so understood here. but i think that socialism and a socialist lead leader isn't necessarily bad for business.
7:09 am
>> back to china -- dagen: you said a socialist leader isn't bad for business. why not? it would be bad if you're in the insurance business. >> you can have an administration that supports society in various ways, healthcare, benefits, what have you, but that doesn'tl necessarn it's bad for business. the u.k. has been thriving in business for the last 10 years. it had a number of socialist policies. dagen: their national healthcare system is fully socialized medicine. >> back to china. brian belski from bmo said they hit the headline number of 6.4. big shocker. he doesn't believe the numbers. do you believe the numbers? if you don't, what do we do with a number that might be a novella basically. >> i do believe the numbers. in an economy like china, they can manage the numbers better or differently than we can in western democracies. so is 6.4% a real number?
7:10 am
yes, it is. i think that's a relief to business that's are selling into china or have production facilities in china. yes, i believe it. i think we'll see a more managed set of growth statistics in china than we expect to see elsewhere. maria: we will leave it there. i'm looking at morgan stanley this morning. the numbers are better than expected. all we're getting so far is commentary on the wealth management business because that's the star. >> 4.4 on the nose. maria: that's the star of the business. >> they hit it exactly. the trading revenue was down by $500 million. maria: simon, thank you. coming up, inside facebook, a new cover story reveals what it describes as hell at the social media giant. we'll tell you about tensions between mark zuckerberg and executives. facebook and instagram, likes could become a thing of the past for the younger generation. the robo dog pound boston dynamics shows off the strength of its spot minis, these are dogs, robotic dogs, at boston dynamics. back in a minute.
7:11 am
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welcome back. new details this morning about the time line of the devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. cheryl casone with the details in headlines. cheryl: we're learning that the first fire alarm rang at 6:20 p.m. local time on monday in paris. but workers couldn't find the fire. then another sigh remember went off 23 minutes later. they were then able to locate flames in the ceiling of the cay he thecathedral. there is dramatic footage that shows heroism of the firefighters in those months. investigators say it was 1 1530o 30 minutes away from complete destruction. many artifacts were saved. france's president set a five year deadline to restore the
7:15 am
iconic landmark. about $1 billion in donations has already poured in from around the world. apple's ceo tim cook one of the last names we've gotten on that one. the u.s. economy may be firing on all cylinders, but some rel tailors are still struggling. retailers announced nearly 6,000 stores will close this year, more than last year, according to a recent report. a list of companies that filed for bankruptcy includes payless shoe source, gymboree and charlotte russe. the best place to make money in the world of finance may not be at a bank. the wall street journal reported that real estate investment trusts have some of the highest median salaries among financial, real estate and insurance companies. the report shows host hotels and resorts had a median salary of $184,000. that's the highest of any company in all of the sectors. by comparison, morgan stanley led big banks. the median salary there, just,
7:16 am
maria, $142,000. times are changing. maria: yeah. wow. your thoughts? >> well, let's go back to morgan stanley for a second. if that's okay with you. it's amazing when you look at the trading revenue overall, it was down by $300 million from a year ago. when you look at the equity trading it was down by $500 million, 2.5 to $2 billion. that wealth management was a absolutely flat at 4.4. which is why you realize, his decision to migrate into this very steady predictable business, investors are happy with steady, that's why the stock is u up modestly. maria: first quarter was up 13% in the market. i don't understand the challenging conditions from these banks about the first quarter. it was the fourth quarter that was so challenging. you know what? it seems like there was follow-through. because of the government shutdown in the first quarter and because of the upset you saw at the end of last year, there was -- people waited before getting back active again. you did see some follow-through in the first quarter. >> you've been following this longer than me. with the trading revenue, it
7:17 am
never makes rhyme or reason as the to why it's up or down. the hedge funds had a bad q4. there were resedgeses. they traded less in one. there's always an excuse. with wealth management, people give them the money, and they manage the money. maria: wealth management has been the jewel of the business for sure. quick break and then we go inside facebook. a new report says it's, quote, hell to work at the social media company with tensions high between mark zuckerberg and his executives. lincoln reveals its brand-new 2010corsair live on this program. wait until you check out this suv. back in a moment. ♪ i can change, i can change, i can change. ♪ i'm here
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7:20 am
maria: welcome back. spotlight on facebook this
7:21 am
morning. a new article by technology magazine, wired, titles 15 months of fresh hell inside facebook, shedding light on facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg's relationship with the platform instagram and co-founders. joining us right now is kurt knudsen. what's going on here? >> maria, good morning to you. it's not a surprise. if you take a look at what you have in the marketplace with zuckerberg responding over the last two years, three years of privacy issues starting with the cambridge analytica catastrophe that sealed the fate of it being seen as an organization that harvest data, resells it and has run amuck. you have donald switzerland, a bunch of executives, including cheryl sanburg, they're pow wowing, knowing they're going to go into a group of analysts and get hard questions from true people in the business world and it turns out that their idea of
7:22 am
what facebook is and it's evolving into is an internal fight into that room about what this message is, mark zuckerberg saying. it's like is it let's get on this new mission it underscores not only the turmoil we see externally at facebook and their messaging, but it's really strongly existing right there up at the c-suite. maria: i think you make a good point, a point dagen brought up over and over again in terms of whether or not these companies are media companies and how do they want characterize themselves. that entails a different regulatory backdrop. doesn't it, dagen. dagen: it does. >> dagen is right. it took mark zuckerberg -- i mean, it was like his coming out. it was funny. because for so long he kept saying no, no, we're not a media company, we're not a media company, no matter what. eventually one day somebody says, well, i guess we're a media company. maria: more and more people get
7:23 am
their news from these companies, dagen. dagen: right. >> there's no question. dagen: it's the equivalent -- i've always said, it's the equivalent of getting some e-mail chain letter from your uncle with a list of conspiracy. that's the definition of the, quote, news, unquote, that you get on facebook. and if they pars content, if they decide what you see and what you don't see, it is most definitely a media. maria:company.maria: that's whs is saying. he's suing five companies right now. dagen: you can't sue them for defamation based on the laws that exist on the books. maria: he's calling them content developers. >> very choice quotes from that article. the first one is, facebook's other problem is it didn't understand the wealth of anti-pathy that built up against it. had they have no partners, no friends. they do what they want to come this finally came back to bite them. the other quote, senator, we run
7:24 am
ads, the comment that zuckerberg made i believe it was to orrin hatch, a phrase that was soon emblazeened on t-shirts in menlo park. who would put an insult you made to a senator, who would put them on t-shirts and walk around with them. they are out of touch in the fact they exist on a planet with other human beings. >> they're not losing advertisers, not using subscribers. subscribers and advertising revenue have increased. it seems that for facebook they're on another planet a that continues to make money. dagen: is time on the platform going on? is the amount of time that people spend on facebook in any given month or week -- >> there's enormous regular la tori overhang -- regulatory overhang right now. that's what's weighing on the stock. the users and advertisers don't care. maria: what europe has done, kurt, in terms of the big
7:25 am
government on some of these companies, a lot of people wonder if that kind of big government bite is going to happen in the u.s. doesn't look like it. europe has these companies in its target. >> british information commission is what it's called, the u.k. taking a hard look at reshaping how social media is hitting mainly children there and they're asking for a lot of rule change to start up in 2020. one of the things, centerpiece would be removing the ability for kids under the age of 18 to be able to like anything, just remove the entire feature and functionality of like, and that's a pretty big idea. and their complaint is, after study, they believe it's not good for the well-being of that small child. are they right? you better believe it. how much do we feel suckered for having -- sitting there going like, like, like, like. i wish there was a like button that liked all my like buttons. then i don't have to engage. all of that and everybody feels good i gave them the affirmation
7:26 am
they were looking for that facebook tricked us into doing in the first place. it causes more engagement on the platform. , looking for some form of engagement or recognition that keeps the platform engagement way up. maria: it's interesting to see what's going on in the u.k. as a result of that. kurt, great to see you. thanks so much. >> great to see you. maria: asylum seekers could spend more time in detention centers, we'll take a closer look at the border battle. and boston die fla dynamics reve strength of the spot mini robot. check this out. back in a minute. ♪ i'm my own worst enemy. ♪
7:27 am
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us.
7:30 am
i'm maria bartiromo. happy wednesday. its is wednesday, april 17th. your top stories right now, just before 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. strong news out of china set the tone for markets. earnings better than expected on a number of fronts, that is setting a positive tone. pepsico and morgan stanley, both stocks are up, morgan stanley had a double beat on earnings and revenue. the stock is up better than 3%. pepsico also better than expected on earnings and revenue. higher demand for snacks and sodas from pepsico. two strong ones this morning setting the tone for the broader markets. futures indicate a gain at the start of trading, up 31 points on the dow industrials, s&p 500 up 6 and a quarter, nasdaq up 27. yesterday markets were higher. the dow industrials were up 67 points at the close. >>.s&p 500 up 1 and-a-half and nasdaq up 24 points. in a asia overnight and in europe, we are seeing a better tone as well.
7:31 am
european indices mixed, the cac in paris is up 114 an 14 and dax is up 35. in asia we had positive economic data out, gdp up 6.4%, topping expectations and the retail sales number better than expected. very strong on retail sales. that has the shanghai composite up a quarter of a percent as you see there. teeing up taxes, lawmakers in one state taking a swing at golf courses. we'll take a closer look at what that means for property taxes coming up. and then big changes to x-box, microsoft says good-bye to dips for the late gaming console. the rise of the spot mini robots, check out boston dynamics' dog pound, quote, unquote. yes, it's all robots but they're dog robots. and they have a dog pound. we'll show you those pictures coming up. our top story this half hour, the battle at the border, the trump administration moving to deny bail to some asue limb seekers, meaning they could
7:32 am
spend more time in jail while cases are decided, this comes as customs and border patrol released footage, exclusive footage that we got last night at the border in el paso. it shows migrants crossing the border illegally near tucson, arizona. this video comes to us from the customs and border patrol out of tucson, arizona. and you see 980 people were apprehended. this was just yesterday. and they've got this on video of people coming out of the truck and just entering right there over the border into the u.s. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. when the agents sent me that video last night, it was so amazing to actually see what these guys are looking at, young, in terms of on the video cameras. he said this is fresh video, this is from yesterday. the border patrol agent e-mailed
7:33 am
me and said there were 980 apprehensions yesterday. >> well, you know, i'm sure this happens every day. it's startling because we're seeing it. they're obviously not dressed in white but they appear white on the screen because this was taken at night and they're using some sort of technology that illuminates them without illuminating what's around them. it does show that the type of behavior at the border that the administration has been complaining about does occur. in the real world, they would be stopped and interrogated and asked why are you here, what are you fleeing from, what do you want, sort of a preliminary investigation. are you here to harm us? are you here fleeing repreenings and they have to decide how to address under the various sec chunks of the statute. maria: the e-mail i got from the border pa patrol public afs office, he told me 980 individuals illegally crossed the border in three large groups and they were mostly comprised
7:34 am
of family units. that's quote, unquote. you know what i mean when i say family units. they're from central america. they were apprehended in the el paso and tucson sectors. >> this is what's so troubling for the administration. if they're not from mexico, they cannot be sent back to mexico. because the statute only permits you to send people back to a contiguous country from which they org. nateed. mexico is contiguous. they didn't originate from there. because they are or appear to be family units, the government cannot detain them for more than 20 days under an agreement, a famous case called flores back in the clinton administration which is still binding until the trump administration goes to court and gets that changed, they are bound by it. it says family units cannot be separated. children cannot kept from parents for more than 20 days. what is the government to do? it either has to detain them for 20 days and let them go or
7:35 am
somehow get them back to central america which is logistically impossible. thend result, thethe end resulto and they say here the trial date. your trial date will not be -- i'm giving ahypothetical until 2021. they're not going to come back. they'll probably be assimilated by then. maria: lindsey graham l told me on sunday, the word is out in guatemala, in honduras, el salvador, make believe you're a family and go to the u.s., they'll be able to stay there. the word is out on the streets. >> that's why important for the government to follow the law, which says conduct a preliminary inquiry right then and there to see if a case for asylum is being made, to see if this is really a family or some sort of a group of people pretending to be a family to force the
7:36 am
government's hand. the government needs to do that. the president's been complaining he doesn't have the person power to do it. that's probably a legitimate complaint. but he can send more resources and more people there. >> judge, there's a choice that's given to the adult about staying incarcerated with the family or separating from the children, is that right? >> depends on what you mean by family and how old the children are. if the children are minors, the government cannot keep them from their parents for -- away from their parents for more than 20 days. if the children are adults, they can all be kept in confinement until their hearing comes but the government can find the facilities are bursting at the seems which is part of the reason -- the other part being political -- the president said we'll ship them to san francisco, chicago, new york, other sanctuary cities. the practical effect of that is allowing them to be assimilated to the united states. shipping to new york doesn't put them in a detention center it lets them off a bus and they go
7:37 am
where they want. maria: this group was 400 people, this was just one group of three groups and like i said, the border pa l patrol agent te they arrested 980 individuals, they illegally crossed in three separate groups. he sent this video last night because he wanted me to understand the imagery and because we're going to go to the border soon. so that's why he sent me that. >> if those people are from mexico they can send them back. maria: they're from central america. >> their hands are tied. maria: the three groups that crossed the border last night are from central america and they look like families. dagen: you can't quickly send minors back to noncontiguous countries like those in central america because of the regulation that william bil wil, at the end of the bush administration, they were trying to do the right thing and it has basically given an incentive for minors and families, whomever,
7:38 am
to send minors into the united states because they cannot -- >> the government can't take a 5-year-old and say go across the border. that's child abuse to the 5-year-old which is what the federal law prohibits them from doing. >> how do we deal with the fact -- i think there's a lot of pressure at the legitimate ports of entry. there are people that are going to the ports of entry, there's pressure there which led to folks crossing illegally into tucson area, in the el paso area. >> if you're online at a portal, either because you think you can gain entry from lawful means, it could be asylum, the patient has to hear your case. the government is required under the law to make an investigation of who you are and why you're here. those are not illegal. dagen: i've got to push back. >> what we're seeing back is illegals on the screen. the people you're talking about online are not illegal. they may not qualify to get in. it is law lfuful to get in the e
7:39 am
and attempt to qualify. dagen: this law to basically curb child trafficking, it created an incentive for smugglers, for criminals to try and send minor children into the united states with adults accompanying them, whether they're parents or not. that law is not just about 5-year-olds. it covers all minors. it created this incentive for people to come here. they know if they can get to to border and they have a minor child with them, they'll basically never get sent back. >> the law is often compromised, it's often response to recent public events and often has unintended consequences. sometimes the consequences are the opposite of what the law was intended to do. >.dagen: people in washington don't know what they're doing. maria: i want to thank the r border patrol agents for sending us this video yesterday of the 90 people that -- 980 people
7:40 am
that were apprehended at the border. this story is a crisis. will you agree with that? >> yes, yes, and the government has to ahe's dres address it, we appropriate resources to examine these people as they knock on the door. maria: judge, good to see you. thanks so much. let's get to microsoft unveiling a new version of the x-box 1-s. cheryl: it's interesting, maria. the x-box is cheaper but it doesn't have the blue ray disc drive in it. microsoft says they're hoping the new console will attract younger gamers who didn't grow up with physical media like discs. the $250 device will be available on may 7th. well, ten robots from boston dynamics showing their stuff off, strong enough to pull a big truck across the company's parking lot. look at that. this is crazy. the 66 spot mini robots doing the work of sled dogs.
7:41 am
a driver is behind the wheel, just in case there are any accidents. the robots are coming off the production line now. they're ready for work, maybe in a warehouse, possibly rescue missions in the future, that's quite a dog pound we're showing you there. love that video. there's a chicago nightclub that's come up with unique way to celebrate george clooney's birthday. the lounge has put the actor's face inside an ice cube for a new drink that's going to debut on his 58th birthday, may 6th, made with his tequila. that's going to set you back $24. oh, george. he's still got it. coming up, teed off, how one state wants to profit off its many golf courses. what that means for property taxes. plus, luxury on wheels, maria on her way outside, she'll take a closer look inside lincoln's 2020 corsair, live on our plaza, you're looking at it right now,
7:42 am
it's ready to make its debut at the new york auto show. we'll be right back. ♪ all i wanted was a car. ♪ all i wanted was a car. ♪ had a part-time job making chicken kebobs at the food court at the mall. i knew about the tremors.
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maria: welcome back. we're coming to you outside on the plaza at fox headquarters to show you the luxury crossover, lincoln is revealing its brand-new 2020 corsair suv at the new york auto show this week. it takes some of the stylings from the ford escape series. we're getting a first look right now. joining me right now is the president and cmo of ford, joy falatico. great to see you. thank you for joinings us. >> thank you for having us back here. we're really excited to share with you all new suv from lincoln, new he' newest edition. what i would like to do is get you inside and show you some of the incredible -- maria: tell me about the front of the car and the design of this before we go in. >> absolutely. this is consistent with our brand dna that you see in the navigator, the nautilus, the off yateser coming -- aviator coming out this summer. you can see the grill and the design features on the side of the vehicle. maria: what are you seeing in terms of reception so far?
7:47 am
how is the consumer doing out there in the a auto market? how is the order book looking? >> we're pleased with our first quarter. sales are up 11%. a lot of it had to do with the suvs. suvs are hot in the march he get right now. consumers are responding to the brand dna. it's consistent across our line. maria: no matter where oil prices go, people always want their bigger cars. that's an american thing. they want the suvs and the trucks. >> obviously in the last recession we saw sensitivity to the fuel prices. in the luxury segment, they're less price sensitive as you can imagine. we think we're in a good position with suv sales. maria: there's a lot of technology. let's go in the car. we're going to inside to see what special things the corsair has for us. all right. >> okay. so to begin here, this is -- the vehicle is meant to make your life more effortless. you can establish your own personal profile. we've got one in here for maria.
7:48 am
when maria wants to turn on the radio she probably wants to hear her favorite radio show, fox. maria: exactly, yes. >> this allows you to customize several things in the vehicle. first of all, your 24 way perfect position seats, similar to other vehicles, can be customized to you. we have 14-way speakers in the vehicle that allows you to figure out what radio stations you want to listen to and program them in. we have one of my favorites, the heads-up display that is customizeable, you can put whatever features you want on that display as well. things is all about making the vehicle personalized to you as an individual. maria: everything on your phone you can have right there. >> you can pair that to phone and have the music and whatever you would like to have manufacture it's a.maria: it'st doesn't feel like a big suv. >> it's the smallest suv in the lineup. it's beautifully appointed.
7:49 am
this is our beyond blue package. we want to keep that luxury in the vehicle whether it's a small one or a big suv. maria: and the colors in terms of -- you said beyond blue. >.>> blue. >> beyond blue. maria: it's different blues. >> it's a different package that brings out the quality of the craftsmanship of the vehicle. maria: in terms of turning you it on, you just press a button. >> you can turn it on with a key fob or pair it to your phone as well. another feature all new on this vehicle is the fact we have touch command, keeping your hands at 1 10 and 2. you can do voice commands with navigation, or tuning into a certain radio station, if you want to get back to fox news. maria: thank you so much. coming up, we are teeing up taxes, we're talking about lawmakers in one state, they want to take a swing at golf
7:50 am
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mariadagen: one star pitcher fg heat. joining us now, matt know pal taknopalitano.>> screen shots sd syndergaard going to the palm of his glove with two fingers, the index and middle fingers before grabbing the ball leading to some to believe he had the you
7:54 am
power of a foreign substance to get spin on the ball. are you ready for some football? well, tonight we're going to find out. the 2019nfl regular season schedule marking the league's 100th season. now, we do already know that the thursday night opener is slated for september a fifth between the chicago bears and the green bay packers and the patriots are expected to host the sunday night matchup for squea week on. golf industry 5 advocates crying fore. the proposed legislation would give local governments the option to assess and tax courses based on highest and best use which could have facilities considered as residential developments with a much higher value. business owners and industry reps fear the measure would usher in tax hikes and force
7:55 am
closures of courses. one club, trump national golf club in westchester. dagen: matt, thank you for that. i'm waiting for president trump to start tweeting about those property taxes on golf courses here. thank you so much. still ahead, mega merger trouble, t-mobile and sprint's deal running into resistance. beyonce dropping a brand-new album overnight, next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ all you is love. ♪ all you need is love. ♪ all you need is love, love. ♪ love is all you need.
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7:59 am
east coast, investors waiting for this market to see gains on the heels of strong news out of china overnight, we had better-than-expected gdp retail sales number out of china, the earnings this morning on wall street is lifting boats morgan stanley reporting double beat up two 2/3% pepsico better-than-expected, revenue higher did he manned, 1% well off highs of the morning pepsico, as you can see, given up much 3 1/2 percent rally earlier gain one and a third percent futures a higher opening for the broader averages given that we had strength on economic data, out of china, dow industrials up 38 points, s&p 500 up 6 1/2 nasdaq up 27. yesterday's close was like this, dow industrials up 6 points s&p 500 was flat up 1 1/2 nasdaq at close up 24 points momentum continues for the mort past in europe this morning even though, germany
8:00 am
lowered its growth rate this morning, the german government blowing 2019 gdp forecast, to 0.5%, that did not take much steam out of sales in germany dax up 39 points a third of one percent in asia overnight china with positive news retail sales gdp pushing shanghai composite up a third of a percent, tragedy notre dame new time line reveals just how long it took authorities to find the blaze after the first alarm went off plus aggressive plan for rebilled this historic cathedral. measles outbreak confirmed cases soaring what is being done to control this growing problem in u.s.? >> megamerger sprint team could reportedly be in general stocks aren't moving on that top story in journal sprint down % in premarket, beyoncé surprise dropping a live album
8:01 am
overnight, all those coming up to break it down fox business network dig dag, the founder ceo cheddar john steinberg, radio host richard fowler great to see you. >> good morning. dagen: when i read tease about new album richard checked me immediately said not new album a live performance. >> from coachella last year beyoncé performed last year's coachella two weekends dropping live performance one of the best of this century. that she put on, i don't think anybody can outdo beyoncé in coachella amazing live album. >> pepsi. >> you bet? >> again i had to get richard. >> looking for modest growth in sodas snacks looking for few percentage points growth organic for the year target remains 4% what drove it
8:02 am
snacks up a 5% beverages slightly less hair trigger what people look at for this company. >> why change initially numbers were you know, looked very strong, stock up 3 1/2% or so given up much gain at this point. >> i think a consensus question whisper was a narrow range for investors expecting, this also second quarter for new ceo people waiting to see, potentially more come out of the community in hours to come. >> largely speaking better-than-expected earnings this morning not just pepsico but morgan stanley reporting a strong quarter the stock higher, we talked earlier about the wealth management business, being jewel of the business gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more on that good morning. >> hey maria, good morning to you double beat for morgan stanley 1.39 versus 1.17 up 2%, 3 billion on top line versus 9.93 billion good
8:03 am
numbers across the board same issues play out in banking for morgan stanley, gains in wealth management big time this week, but sales trading revenues down 15% equities trading down 21% move to pepsi, they also have a double beat here 97 cents versus 92, 12. 8 billion versus 12.69 you can see full screen to being better today, as just said this is all about snack beganed, we've got sparkling water low sugar demand driving results up 1.6% qualcomm apple apple, qualcomm up 22% poised to open 9% or better as two companies solve battle over chip royalty tooes agreed to drop all litigation, this morning, qualcomm is getting upgrades across the board from so many wall street analysts,
8:04 am
raymond jailz increasing target to 85 we've got jpmorgan chase overweighting stock so big moves from wrote a analysts in favor of this company, apple higher as well on news not as much as qualcomm, 5g that drove all of this, this decision to come together on this issue. of royalties back to you. >> gerri willis to trump economy futures pointing to a gain start of trading up 43 points this right here the high of the morning for dow futures nasdaq at high 30 points right now, a third of a percent, as investors are more optimistic federal reserve officials say they let inflation rise above 2% target, joining us right now, he stephanie pomboy great to see you reaction to the federal reserve in this inflation target above 2%. >> actually kind of dovetails with when i want to talk to but this morning and that is the idea that fed now has kind of back pedaled to a point
8:05 am
where the bond vigilantes have to pick up mantle from fed the fed discharged monetary policy to the marketplace by essentially saying we are going to back off let this economy run inflation run hotter i think you will see, more and more of that dynamic in the coming weeks because we are kind of setting up for a dead-cat bounce in the economy we have had three months of really weak data especially on consumer front retail sales average down .4/10 each month three months personal income growth consumption spending overall averaged no growth in the three months as well so we've had really, oversized weakness and kind of setting up a coil spring phenomena you also had a huge decline in
8:06 am
energy prices end of last year sort of contributed to that weakness in headlined spending numbers that is reversed with a vengeance first quarter as you know, oil prices are up 20 dollars barrel gas prices up 50 cents a gallon that is going to inflate headlined spending numbers and inflation numbers. >> you are looking for a dead-cat bounce fort economy, meaning you are looking for better-than-expected economic data. >> i know did not fall the out of your chair. >> [laughter] >> positive economic data. >> i think the bear will surprise on upside we have had all this with overwhelming weakness if you look at that composite economic surprises, citigroup economic surprise index basically tallies every data point either better or worse than expected we got so depressed at levels from when data usually posts sharp rebound then you have seasonal factors that will contribute to that the first quarter
8:07 am
tends to be really depressed now moving into april area where data actually should start to surprise on the upside so we have all these he forces between energy, the three months of really depressed consumer spending the seasonal tailwinds will contribute to give us upside surprises but what i worry about exactly what you talked about the top that is that the fed has now stood back, at precisely the moment when the economy could start to look a little stronger and that is going to force bond vigilantes basically to come out of woodwork and try to tamp down that economic activity. >>. dagen: has market though the stock market already factored in this bounceback in the economy we have double-digit gains all major market gauges this year i wanted to point out dow is 1.4 away from all-time high. >> yeah. >>. dagen: s&p 500 less than one percentage point away from record incredible run in the
8:08 am
markets this year despite the fact, that not just our economy is strong but europe looks awful as maria pointed out barely growing a globally slowdown. >> right. i think part of the there are a couple factors that really contributed to this sharp rebound we have seen first quarter one is that it got aany he annilated fourth quarter realization not going off the precipice a large part what happened to the bond market we were talking when we got to 3.3 on 10 year that was it market collapsed because we couldn't withstand rate of higher interest rates market has now rallied all the way from 3.3 to 2.3 starting to creep back up, on 10 year, so i think that drop in interest rates is a major tail wind to the stock market. in the first quarter, and this is why again, i come back to this idea that the bond vigilantes are going to wake
8:09 am
up from the slumber they have been in last few years, and if they do, that is going to be a sfloob what do you mean what are you expecting from bond vigilantes? >> when the 10 year was 3.3 in september of last year, speculators so short that they were thinking rates were going to keep heading higher with not only expecting rates to head higher they were doing it in record fashion, they actually were short twice, the prior record amount they had ever been short 10 year so they were really convinced that we had turned the corner bond bull was over, you know when going to rereverse three decades triple digit sign theres. >> back down to 2.95%. >> because they completely covered this position from insanely short to basically back to neutral, so now is the point where they are going to have to you know get burned agains, i think we will see the stronger force that forces them to reevaluate, if the
8:10 am
bond vigilantes, you annoy will recall, back in 1994 you know the bond vigilantes, earned the reputation giving us the worse sell eve in the bond market since i think 1926 in a respect depressed stock market could see repeat that have scenario. dagen: year a derivative collapse, david, askin, orange county -- >> bankrupt. >> anybody a bond nerd remembers that gives. maria: you say 1994. >> when fed stopped in terms of stopped raising rates because then we decent a rate hike the markets -- dagen: i just want to add to something to that, because back then, greenspan was running the fed, it
8:11 am
communicated very differently, about with the public and there was a surprise rate hike, in february of that year, that kind of was the domino that kicked everything o over in being fixed income. >> right. >> that was it. >> pivoted. >> a lot of people prepared for -- compared to 49 because of that pivot federal reserve. >> out of nowhere right now jay powell maybe to president trump sitting with phone getting ready to tweet about him any moment not going to pull that not going to pull a fast one on markets my argument. >> i feel the analog to this was green spann 1987 just taken over the chairmanship, and he raised rates, and then market collapleansed not dissimr powell expected came in raised rates we get fourth quarter meltdown. >> inflation i want to get to that right i think there are so many things in my i lifetime how low unemployment could go, what the impact of inflation is like, like easing
8:12 am
eggs were bad in i think the theory could have higher inflation is accurate there is no -- unemployment far lower that have been told 5, 6% grammar school now go much lower 2, 3% why can't inflation be higher without adverse effects. >> you are talking to one who doesn't worry about inflation i think inflation is a problem we don't face, mostly because i think we are just far too levered as economy i don't know where we get wherewithal to handle increase in inflation there isn't that room that mantle of leverage depressing economic activity broadly including prices. maria: there is no inflation if you look at ppi, cpi could talk about other than wages you are expecting productivity to pick up so quick just to be clear you think we see better than expected economic data that is a signal to buy stocks are you looking for upper trade. >> i think better-than-expected data
8:13 am
brings foshth the bond vigilantes pushing rates back toward that 3% number that many be a negative a headwind for stocks so good news could be bad news in this snare. >> president trump tweeted here is what he said democrats in congress must return from their vacations and change it is immigration laws or the border despite great job by border patrol will only get worse big sections of wall being built writes this pet merger trouble activism mobile sprint marriage may be in general sell-off under way in stocks beyoncé surprise dropping a live coachella album where you can find it right after this. ♪
8:14 am
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against reports 26-billion-dollar is in jeopardy. >> the companies have not received notice from justice department the deal would likely be rejected without major changes two saying they are working with the government, and officials to complete the deal reports the suggested antitrust officials told those companies they would likely be turned down because it would eliminate competition in the wireless market both stocks substantially lower in the premarket, sprint is down 7 1/2% t-mobile down 31/2%. well, netflix out with better-than-expected earnings for the last quarter but not all the news of the company was good netflix racked up a record number of subscribers first quarter 9.6 million investors are worrying about
8:18 am
this quarter's weak guidance for profit and for subscriber projections netflix said going to add fewer subscribers in the united states. >> netflix twitter account this week called for people to stop using the phrase chick flicks can we stop calling films chic afflicts, unless small baby chickens. >> they are traditionally synonymous with romantic comedies suggests women only people interested in roms, comedy i can promise from men i have come across isn't true one user fired back said if chic flicks make you feel
8:19 am
trivial. >> earnings up more than 2 1/2% this morning, netflix premiered beyoncé documentary homecoming, the film is behind scenes look at her historic performance last year's coachella valley music festival beyoncé dropped another big surprise dropped live album, two day concert it was released across major screaming platforms including apple music spotify, going play richard i hope i got that correct, has your approval. >> netflix -- >> i think that is according to netflix in "new york times" emotional road from creative content to culture movement documentary talked about how she he created it if any beyoncé fan wasn't a subscriber today they are a subscriber they want to see how beyoncé created a cultural explosion of coachella performance only see live or with a boot legged copy this is first time you get to see
8:20 am
entire concert through netflix. >> earnings very strong, very strong, subgrowth very strong there was weird sentiment that saying only going to add 300,000 in q2 some got worked up about that fundamentally it was great numbers, i think 22% quarterly revenue growth people woke up in the morning and you know were like that is good print. >> that is what it was. >> speaks to strength of netflix you can get beyoncé the produce a documentary speak to one of her most epic concerts a cultural phenomenon onlima. >> earnings beating and documentary like both. >> you like it all. dagen: beyoncé consistently makes me feel inferior -- like everything about her dress, looks, talent -- >> coming up there is a measles outbreak cases have been soaring second highest level nearly 25 years serious
8:21 am
with dr. "mik" when this. >> tragedy notre dame inside time line very revealed how long it took authorities to find the blaze after first alarm went off aggressive plan for rebuilding is under way. back in a moment. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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8:24 am
confirming 555 cases in the u.s. this year that marking second largest outbreak since 2000 measles was declared eliminated current outbreak one man travels from europe to michigan ineffecting 39 people doing so joining us right now dr. mic varshavski. >> that is going on what i feel is going to happen this year is we are going to have
8:25 am
highest toll he measles cases in united states this century at total almost in 2014 highest amount. should not be happening to disease considered eradicated. >> yes, it happening. >> because of misinformation folks are very skeptical of medical community not correctly so they are looking at really poor research, talk about simply here piece of research came out tide vaccine to autism fraudulently on 12 subjects there was amaze study 657,000 children proved this does not exist there is no autism link between mmr vaccine and children getting it. >> you are saying people not getting vaccinated. >> because of nears in tight-knit communities don't believe in vaccinations. >> spa elimination what is difference between 2000 and
8:26 am
now, there is no credential news organization no tv network no mainstream media it is social media. >> we live in echo chamber polarization at all-time high i will commend social media woibz putting quality information out there starting to demonetize people putting out bad information putting in quality links to information, on vaccine videos what have you. >> not just social media though when that original study came out, even after it was refuted people were allowed to go on tv basically spew idiocy wasn't just social media that spread it, it became engrained to believe is in magic this cycle you go on the internet made us dumber find what you already believe find affirmation for what you believe people go on tv
8:27 am
spewing garbage. >> what should we do about it worldwide cases up 300% more than 100,000 cases according to world health organization has everybody gotten a measles shot. >> everybody has the shots here. >> if you have measles shot can you get measles? >> 9 % of the time works if both vaccinations currently children in united states, vaccinated 9 % of the time if 95% we would be covered considered immune as in year 2000. >> just people never vaccinated who are ineffecting other people. >> one person. >> one person traveled from new york to detroit area got 39 people sick. >> if you live in rockville county brook linl what -- brooklyn what do you do. >> wash hands, proper hygiene.
8:28 am
>> what that is about where you don't need vaccine states saying no vaccine required. >> i applaud governments changing a personal requirement to move away from vaccinations it should be only a medical indication that you cannot get a vaccine only reason -- >> you are required to vaccinate our dogs against rabies, every corner of this country. >> people -- >> if you have personal reason what if i have a philosophical reason to run down street neighborhood you are not aloud to do some things in society. >> being what you are talking about dagen philosophical reason i don't believe in vaccines, dagen: i read about it on internet or -- kook here. >> the internet do not believe -- >> it wasn't just internet tv to a. >> cases on the rise he approach the situation with compassion and find common ground because only then we
8:29 am
can make strides moving forward dr. "mik" good to see you. >>s details about devastateing fire at notre dame delayed response then next generation bible company targets millennials stories coming up.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
barbour. maria bartiromo happy wednesday thanks for joining us wednesday, april 17 top stories 8:32 a.m. east coast, strong news out china earnings here the focus on wall street, we do have market that showing a gain start of trading, to look at stocks on the heels of earnings morgan stanley, reporting double beat, for their quarter this morning, thanks to gains in he wealth management and legislator expenses pepsico double beat both stocks higher 2%. right now. take a look at broader markets futures indicating a gain dow industrials up 39 points s&p 500 up seven nasdaq up 36 in europe markets are reactoring
8:33 am
after german government cut growth forecast to now up 5/10 of a percent in germany dax up 45 points this morning cac quarante paris up 19 ft 100 up 6 in airnt upbeat data out of china better-than-expected gdp retail sales shanghai composite up a third of one percent tech companies going public pinterest zoom to start trading tomorrow, they will get priced tonight refugee in america california company bringing refugee to millennials taking a look at bibles revamped for the instagram generation it is not easter without peace president of just born maker of marshmallow treat joins us on business of easter accommodations congress up top story half an hour search for answers after iconic notre dame cathedral goes up in flames, news correspondent amy kellogg in par wisconsin latest. good morning to you. >> hi, well the authorities here tight-lipped about what has been going on at the
8:34 am
cathedral last couple hours we have seen movement we have seen hoisted up high to towers water shooting through where roof was not clear if embers or the efforts we don't know a lot going on at the same time, maria big news yesterday was that notre dame is still standing news today really is that people are very concerned about illegalities stability a structure of limestone, limestone rose with exposure to water pelted about the fire there is concern investigators can't get inside yet, for those security concerns, this process is going to be delayed 30 people interviewed among them some workers doing construction, but some have suggested we may never know exactly what caused the fire. the there has been international competition
8:35 am
menial launched by at the french government to build a new spire one of the dramatic images from night seeing that spire come down in flames it was he only added to this in 19th century some argued not even necessary to put another spire it wasn't part of original notre dame also concern as we talk about plans rebuilding about a potential shortage of workers stilled in traditional trades including working with stained glass, more about the fire firefighters we learned that were robots employed during fire in places where it was sifrm too dangerous to go as i mentioned earlier maria we learned basically this place was he saved by a whisker of time 15 to 30 minutes would have been completely in flames he devastated, so all of that today, plus more interesting bits and pieces about the relics that have been saved including a quite phenomenal 18th century madonna and child
8:36 am
that managed to get out of that fire unscathed. >> incredible it was a beautiful story to see priest and line of people, helping to get the important relics out of notre dame when they did, really incredible. amy we will be watching thank you. >> am yooig kellogg, joining us brian chung bibles for millennials to attract the generation we love the story you are here on incredible day right after notre dame you're reaction to what took place in par insides personally it is a huge, huge inspiration for us a beautiful symbol of art and hope. and for all humanity i think regardless of your religious background hearts with paris all france during this hard time beautiful just seeing community come together. >> they really have come together for such an important
8:37 am
situation. your company is a christian start-up, rear all reading through bibles where you are revamping look of traditional bible to appeal to young people to millennials according to study by barnum group 47% milliams use a bible alabaster to sell one million dollars ridges books this year tell us how you came up with idea how did you know an area to tap into. >> a little bit about background i grew up in a buddhist household when i became christian received first bible a black lefrt leather be able, i was excited to read it intimidated. dagen: king james? >> no. >> i remember flipping through pages it was like -- descriptions, and text -- hard to read unlikeing any other book that i have got in what
8:38 am
makes it different we have beautiful imagery thoughtful design into the text of the scripture to deepen experience with god reading the bible we were thoughtful about using negative space and so as christians the story of jesus's is beautiful wanted a beautiful reading experiencing. >> great idea. >> yeah, we live in ab visual culture everyone has smartphones camera consume lots of digit immediate to bring into faith-based culture we took inspiration from managers art books our bibles are more art books than traditional bible. >> do you think -- do you think that it is background more acceptable to talk about your faith on college campuses, and in even the
8:39 am
workplace i will admit one of the things that i always cheering iraqed working here at fox i can look at somebody and say will you pray for me i will pray for you, it was easy he to be he open in middle new york city about regardless of faith whatever it was do you think that is changing among young -- >> i -- for the past six years, and so we have been talking about faith also has been cool to see people using bible on coffee table living room conversation starter traditionally in bookshelf not much to talk about through stories e-mails we've got people have been talking about faith sharing with people -- congratulations. >> these are beautiful let me ask you how important do you think the materials are to getting people involved in faith, it is interesting passover, easter holiday coming up god reinvented as a
8:40 am
jew i felt out dedicated materials turned me off a bit as well how much do you think this will have impact. >> really, really relevant for us, always -- >> again, i think we live in a visual generation we are interested in seeing how art changes the way you experience ancient text like this. >> thank you so much, joining us there alabaster the company. >> 20-20 vision crowd of democratic field stuart varney weighs in on president trump's chance against line um dems easter means peace president of just born inc popular candy on set, back in a minute. the lexus es.
8:41 am
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then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that. ♪ maria: 20-20 vision president trump to twitter with predictions on who will likely face off with him tweeting this i believe it will be crazy bernie sanders versus sleepy joe biden to run against maybe best economy in history of country many great things i look facilitated to facing whoever it may be may god rest their soul stuart varney joins me. >> don't you love that may god rest their soul, trumpian. >> i am going to make a prediction you can have a go at me if you wish i think
8:45 am
trump wins in 2020 i say for two reasons number one a booming economy, a booming stock market, and 55 million americans who have a 401(k) are doing very well indeed. remember that expression it is the economy stupid? that was back in the 80s and 90s i think still holds true that is my number one reason why trump wins in 2020. number two, the competition i don't think up to much if front runners are bernie sanders and yet to announce joe biden, i think they are weak i don't think they stand up very well against the trump juggernaut. bernie sanders will be what 79 if elected? >> he will be 79 on election day, if elected that is kind of old will millennials largest voting group go for elderly white male? joe biden now he would be 78 right after the 2020 election. same story, will millennials
8:46 am
vote for elderly white male especially one who finds it necessary to apologize grovelling apology happened to say vice president pence was a -- beaten guy i don't think americans like apologizing case you say you respect political opponent wrap it up i realize 20 months to go i think trump wins. >> yeah, i think you are not a reach stuart what you are seeing on democratic said to are socialist packages he pro posams record growth 3.2 wage growth over year-over-year, so -- >> if we go to random prosperity experiment with socialism. >> i don't think so -- >> richard fowler is here. >> i know richard fowler i have heard talking points richard i have heard them i
8:47 am
have heard them seen you grim your way through this -- >> no -- i am done i am done -- >> i love you -- >> i got a show to do approximately what is it now -- >> see you 12 minutes. >> you will. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" coming up pete onset founder of just born are incorporated maker of sweet tweets talks big business of easter when we come back. now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early.
8:48 am
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i want candy ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back easter for you days away the company behind famous chicks spreading wings joining us president chief operating officer just born inc david yale, great to see you -- >> thanks for joining us probably your busiest time of the year. >> always is look forward to easter peace is america's for the first time east candy a cultural icon if okay. i would like to explain how we got there taking you on a pete's fantasy breakfast tour. >> let's go we are starting out by styling with our pete's slippers funny slippers dagen is wearing. maria: very cool. >> sun lit dining room to
8:52 am
consult yourself, dalai lamas we move to the table admire a center peace as we sit at table going to look at kellogg's cheerios -- >> -- right now to have you add a side of the peet's pancake syrup marshmellow chips with duncan flavor peet's coffee, peet's coffee creamer strategy wrapped up all in one. >> how is it -- >> the root beer float -- >> so aggressive clever partner with everybody you love partnerships kellogg's, slippers, how do you know you can keep iconic brand have so many partners. >> part of a phenomena peet's
8:53 am
lovers love connecting with brand interacting with us partners sought as you out want a brand they can leverage for easter holiday a marriage sort of made in heaven for both parties. >> finally and did you on company your peet's looks like pikachu, hello kitty visual icon that has is globally popular out of japan. >> that is the type of thing we are levering future growth coming from candy side of the business we also have what we call licensing side of the business a lot of products that you see here on food licensing apparel leverage both ant foster growth. >> how much do you do in this week alone. >> we will do about 70% easter sales last week into easter sunday and easter is about 75
8:54 am
to 0% peet's year-round sales important time of year for us, very excited. >> he yellow what percentage of peet's sales are peep yellow. >> 35, to 40 plus percent or followed by pink, blue, purple yellow has been number one color sort of the mainstay of what the peet's ion stands for as chicken as a bunny. >> what is in this what is in this i can feel little -- >> you can sort of -- >> squeeze squeezing mechanism you can play would have fun with emotional support piece all about, fun, and whimsy. >> would like this. >> charlie would destroy it two seconds. >> i am afraid -- >> right. >> peet's cooking recipe people know peet's -- >> you have peet's, very
8:55 am
popular cupcakes dessert items, peet's recipes, at the same time, you think about all the different types of ways you can enjoy peet it is connectivity that makes it -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> happy easter. >> thank you for bringing all treats, this is going to be you expecting a good year. >> expecting a good year, because we also have some exclusives where we are again partnering and offering peet's complimentary product platforms blueberry peet's you caning find at the walmart, root beer float at kroger, the caramel cream at target. >> this is not he had i believe. >> not edible fun to play with. >> to answer pete questions or problems. >> peet's room in if you will swing as we speak.
8:56 am
>> thank you for taking us on fantasy breakfast. >> any time. >> 2019 ipo market in focus, expected to begin trading tomorrow we've got previews when we come back. ♪ ♪ because i am a believer ♪ not a doubt in my mind, i am in love, oohh♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is,
8:57 am
a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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8:59 am
maria: welcome back. the ipo boom is happening. the "journal" is reporting that zoom and pinterest will start trading tomorrow. both companies will be pricing their shares tonight. renaissance, bill smith tells me a whopping eight ipos planned to raise $2 billion ahead of the easter weekend. 26 ipos have raised $6.6 billion while april will not have much pricing activity, uber is on the way. >> the trading in the secondary
9:00 am
market for lyft has been abysmal. the stock is below $60 a share. went public at $72. it's been a disaster. maria: is that going to be a negative? >> two ipos tomorrow, pinterest, which will probably be lower than its last private round. zoom could be $10 billion, a $1 billion from its last private round. maria: great show, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. president trump going after bernie sanders again. the socialist millionaire is the democrats' front-runner and the president evidently relishes the fight. quote, tweet, bernie sanders and wife should pay the pre-trump taxes on their almost $600,000 in income. he's always complaining about these big tax cuts, except when it benefits him. they made a fortune off trump but so did everyone else and that's a good thing, not a bad thing, end quote. mr. trump. all right. let's get straight to your money, shall we? g


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